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[Taking part]  [Lost password?] is website design for sharing, collecting and illustrating ornithological observations for the whole Poland. Observations can be submitted through this website or NaturaList mobile application.

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Spotted Crake
Observations in the country based on data submitted via the website since April 1st, 2016. Join in and help make the picture more complete!
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Friday, October 30th, 2015
European birdwatchers unravel how birds respond to climate change
New details on how birds respond to climate change have been revealed by volunteer bird watchers all over Europe. The information they´ve gathered shows birds respond to changing [...]
Wednesday, May 6th, 2015
Ornitho is officialy online!
We are pleased to announce that the portal is working now officially online. We invite you to register in the new system and start to submit your bird observations from [...]
Wednesday, April 29th, 2015
technews is on-line for testing is on-line for few last tests. We are planning to launch website after 4th May.

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Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Waning Gibbous (18 days)
Moonrise at 22h26 and moonset at 9h02
 Sun : sunrise at 04h59 and sunset at 20h43
 Day : dawn at 04h18 and dusk at 21h24
Last sightings added 5 minutes ago.
There are currently 31 visitors on this website.
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Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Stawy Spytkowice
 × Black-crowned Night Herons 
Stawy rybne Nowodwór
Data coming from a complete list 1 Pallid Harrier 
Nowa Sarzyna [G8B2U1]
 7 Little Egrets 
Drohiczyn [G5S3K4]
 2 Eurasian Curlews 
Lubomia [D8M1Z4]
 2 Curlew Sandpipers 
 3 Marsh Sandpipers 
Stawy Wielikąt
 × Red-crested Pochards 
Data waiting for verificationOBSERVATIONS_TEXT_KF_REQUESTED 1 Eurasian Spoonbill 
 1-3 Curlew Sandpipers 
 2 Marsh Sandpipers 
 2 Mediterranean Gulls 
Swarzędz [C5Y1J2]
 1 Little Owl 
Kołobrzeg [B3Y1T4]
Data coming from a complete list 3 Common Shelducks 
Data coming from a complete list 1 Little Egret 
Data coming from a complete list 1 Sandwich Tern 

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Jelenia Góra [B7S2E2]
 × Common Redpolls 
Świdnica: Zalew Witoszówka
 1 Black-crowned Night Heron 
Trzcianne [G4W2U3]
 1 Aquatic Warbler 
Trzcianne [G4W2U4]
 1 Aquatic Warbler 
Trzcianne [G4W2Z2]
 1 Aquatic Warbler 
 1 Aquatic Warbler 
Lubomia [D8M3E2]
Lubomia [D8M1Z4]
 6 Curlew Sandpipers 

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